Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet the Models~

My models are my muses.  Through them I create. 
Three different stories. Telling in fashion.


A hopeless romantic, Adele' has run off with her true love. Her search for her fairytale has taken her miles from home. She has captivated him surely and is hoping to return one day soon, her prince in tow. She inspires me in her determination. A stunning trait for sure. One that shows strong in her spirit and stamps the entire surface of my camera lens. Designing through her is an adventure.

She is daring and brave in her travels, waving her heart at him with all her might. I live vicariously through her, wondering . waiting.  Hers is a love story with only a happy end.

An artist and model, she lives to be captured, her free spirit forever evading. One day she will know~ herself truly. She gets glimpses through him.

Her favorite pair of jeans sit low on her hips, where he likes to rest his hands.  Her jeans are ripped and worn and entice him to get close. She likes this.

Adele' challenges me to create fashion that is both feminine and masculine. She wreaks of his cologne and reminds me~

to love.

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