Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet the Models~


With two small children in tow, her life is a marathon. She divides her time between tending to her babies and grabbing an education in order to provide for them on her own. She inspires me with her unwavering optimism and love for life! She's clever in her choices, and doesn't settle. She knows she is an example for Bella and Storry and takes that responsibility with a seriousness not often seen in someone her age.

An Adventurers heart, her longing tends towards bad boys, loud music, and motorcycle rides along the beach. Knowing she loves deeply and forever, she holds fast to her realist side and staves off the impulse to run into the dark with the next tattooed hottie that comes her way. She knows that her choices do more than affect her and wants only the best for her young family.

Dating, her sexy is important to her, but she also knows that practicality makes sense right now. She needs clothes that are easy and flattering. Fabrics that are washable and camoflauge sticky finger marks and boogers are a plus.

Her favorite pair of jeans once hung in her first loves closet~ They are soft and torn, and she cuffs them at the bottom.

Alexx challenges me to create on a budget, using thrift and recycled items.

A former wild child, she prefers clothing with a past~ a sorted one.

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