Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet the Models~


An actress, singer, and musician, her freedom is most important. Coming into her own is her challenge. Being swept away by passion she dreams big! She inspires me with her sheer will to just DO~ all things, herself. She's the popular girl, and not because she tries to fit in, but because she doesn't, and it's effortless. She handles a crowd with ease, and yet, is clumbsy in her own awkwardness. Her innocents is pleasing~ and makes me curious.

A little shy when it comes to boys, she only hints of attractions. Just know she likes them smart, and funny is her handsome. She wants to talk for hours and laughs when he gets close. Nervousness is her constant when he's around. She bites her lip out of habit when taming the butterflies.

An artist, she is drawn to one of a kind items when dressing. Confidence, her mantra, (confidence.confidence.confidence) she stands out by staying true to herself.

Her favorite pair of jeans are worn and shredded, with just the right amount of black paint splattered across the front. She wears them skinny~ cause she can.

Tomie challenges me to create fashion, mixing old and new, and,  hard and soft, to tell a story.

Her story~  Here I am . Just watch me.

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