Sunday, January 23, 2011

Her Destroyed Heart jeans.

A fashionista, Roberta wears her passion for all things show stopping like a masterpiece wears it's paint, spilling with love all over the canvas. Like an actress in an old black n white film, she radiates sensuality, holding fast the attention of the lens, her confidence pulls at him. He's intrigued.

A model, she lives her trade. Wearing her body like Cupid wears his bow, she flirts with the camera in confidence, leaving him breathless and praying for no end. She loves.

Her favorite pair of jeans are tight and lace all the way down the front. They're soft and worn, and smell of lilacs. They make her feel sexy. She likes that.

Roberta challenges me to create fashion in bold strokes. She loves color and glitter and reminds me~ 

to use my entire palette.

Thank you Roberta. You are treasured.

Roberta is one of my favorite customers. She is beautiful and creative, and always a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your pictures and your permission to show them off. Your the best!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Her denim bubble shorts. How to.

Got legs?!

How to make bubble shorts from Vintage jeans

Start by cutting your jeans into shorts. Choose stretch denim jeans for this project. Then, using a ripper tool, rip the sides of the shorts at the seams to about 3 inches from the waistband. (shown). Do not discard the extra jeans material from the legs. You will use it to place panel inserts into the sides of your shorts and for the cuff at the bottom.

Cut 2 panels about 5 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the length you have already ripped at the seams. Make sure to use excess denim from the bottom of the pant leg for the panels. You will need pant leg material at the thigh to be intact for creating the cuff. Pin the panel to the inside of the side seams, making sure to separate the bottom, using the entire 5 inch width at the legs. (shown). After you have pinned the panel in place, go to your machine and double stitch around the full width of the panel at the edges that are secured with pins. If you prefer hand sewing, that works great too, using dual duty thread and some patients, double stitch for strength.

When finished sewing panels into both sides, turn the leg of the shorts inside out and trim excess material. Then turn back to right side and trim excess length from the pant leg. (shown)

Go back to your left over denim leg scraps to cut your cuffs for the pant legs. With the leg of the jeans still intact, cut across the thigh area. Make sure to cut each piece at least 4 inches long. You will be folding and pressing them before attaching them to your shorts. Now, fold and press the cuffs and set aside. This next part is the most tedious of the construction. You will need to gather the wide leg of the shorts and pin them to your pressed cuffs at the rough edges. Pull the cuff, rough edge facing down, over the top of the shorts leg. From the inside, gather and pin the rough edges of the shorts and cuffs together and sew. (shown)

After sewing (I like to double stitch and finish with a zigzag), remove the pins and turn the cuffs down for finished bubble short. (shown)

So cute . n . Maty's got em!