Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maty Davis jeanswear at matydavis.com

Making yourself into a living, breathing, Envy Target!

Her Shredded jeans.


Her jeans are her statement piece. Shredded all the way down the back of her legs, she doesn't afford leaving even her exit moment to chance. Torn, just so, in the front~

She auditions. They see her talent.

Walking out of a room~  Her show stopper!

She gets the part.

And she flirts . with the camera.

Her Shredded jeans.


Hers are tattered for sure, and sit super low on her hips. The more bleach the better. The bleach changes the denim, softens it,  She likes them soft, because she lives in her jeans. A staple piece in her wardrobe, hers are sexy and tight, and like batting her eyelashes, entice him.  

She wears them shredded. Showing just enough skin, her legs play peek a boo, holding his attention .

~She flirts . with her love.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Her Shredded jeans.


She likes em just like her man~ Shredded. She wears them skinny and tight, and ripped all the way to her ankle. Dark washed denim with stretch is her favorite.

Longing~  she pairs her jeans with layered sweaters made from an old loves stash. She craves the comfort and warmth of his essence and finds it lingering in the fibers of the fabric.

Keeping her secret~ she flirts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get the Look~


She's so Over It. Playing innocent is so yesterday~ She knows who she is, and she walks in it with four inch heels!

Hair . Mussed.

Make-up . Smeared.

The Clothes

Maty Davis jeanswear Fall 2010 Collection.
Vintage Lace Crop . One of a kind piece made from Mens button shirt, coordinating floral fabric, and Vintage Crocheted Lace. Added little Black Velvet Ribbon to neck . for tying, or untying~

Riding Short . Redesigned from a pair of Vintage 70's jeans. High Waisted, Bubble Short, wrapped with floral sash belt~ can be tied in the front or back.

Chaps provide for a second set of pockets~ lined in same floral print to match sash at waist.

Lace Sweater Tube top . Started with Super Soft Girls Sweater. Cut it up. Added Vintage Lace Straps and Ruffles to the sleeves, and made it into this little curve hugging stunner.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Girl~

Birthday Girl

She anticipates his arrival and chances a moment to daydream~ He's late, but she doesn't care. She knows. When he sees her in her birthday dress, he'll stop dead in his tracks. There's a chance they won't even leave the house tonight. He's like that you know~ The moment he gets a look at her, he looses all sense and decides~ he can't share. She's with him, and he can't believe it~ he loves.

She thinks~ Who's birthday is this?

And then she remembers... Her birthday dress.

Happy Birthday Adele'.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet the Models~

My models are my muses.  Through them I create. 
Three different stories. Telling in fashion.


A hopeless romantic, Adele' has run off with her true love. Her search for her fairytale has taken her miles from home. She has captivated him surely and is hoping to return one day soon, her prince in tow. She inspires me in her determination. A stunning trait for sure. One that shows strong in her spirit and stamps the entire surface of my camera lens. Designing through her is an adventure.

She is daring and brave in her travels, waving her heart at him with all her might. I live vicariously through her, wondering . waiting.  Hers is a love story with only a happy end.

An artist and model, she lives to be captured, her free spirit forever evading. One day she will know~ herself truly. She gets glimpses through him.

Her favorite pair of jeans sit low on her hips, where he likes to rest his hands.  Her jeans are ripped and worn and entice him to get close. She likes this.

Adele' challenges me to create fashion that is both feminine and masculine. She wreaks of his cologne and reminds me~

to love.

Meet the Models~


An actress, singer, and musician, her freedom is most important. Coming into her own is her challenge. Being swept away by passion she dreams big! She inspires me with her sheer will to just DO~ all things, herself. She's the popular girl, and not because she tries to fit in, but because she doesn't, and it's effortless. She handles a crowd with ease, and yet, is clumbsy in her own awkwardness. Her innocents is pleasing~ and makes me curious.

A little shy when it comes to boys, she only hints of attractions. Just know she likes them smart, and funny is her handsome. She wants to talk for hours and laughs when he gets close. Nervousness is her constant when he's around. She bites her lip out of habit when taming the butterflies.

An artist, she is drawn to one of a kind items when dressing. Confidence, her mantra, (confidence.confidence.confidence) she stands out by staying true to herself.

Her favorite pair of jeans are worn and shredded, with just the right amount of black paint splattered across the front. She wears them skinny~ cause she can.

Tomie challenges me to create fashion, mixing old and new, and,  hard and soft, to tell a story.

Her story~  Here I am . Just watch me.

Meet the Models~


With two small children in tow, her life is a marathon. She divides her time between tending to her babies and grabbing an education in order to provide for them on her own. She inspires me with her unwavering optimism and love for life! She's clever in her choices, and doesn't settle. She knows she is an example for Bella and Storry and takes that responsibility with a seriousness not often seen in someone her age.

An Adventurers heart, her longing tends towards bad boys, loud music, and motorcycle rides along the beach. Knowing she loves deeply and forever, she holds fast to her realist side and staves off the impulse to run into the dark with the next tattooed hottie that comes her way. She knows that her choices do more than affect her and wants only the best for her young family.

Dating, her sexy is important to her, but she also knows that practicality makes sense right now. She needs clothes that are easy and flattering. Fabrics that are washable and camoflauge sticky finger marks and boogers are a plus.

Her favorite pair of jeans once hung in her first loves closet~ They are soft and torn, and she cuffs them at the bottom.

Alexx challenges me to create on a budget, using thrift and recycled items.

A former wild child, she prefers clothing with a past~ a sorted one.