Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maty Davis jeanswear at matydavis.com

Making yourself into a living, breathing, Envy Target!

Her Shredded jeans.


Her jeans are her statement piece. Shredded all the way down the back of her legs, she doesn't afford leaving even her exit moment to chance. Torn, just so, in the front~

She auditions. They see her talent.

Walking out of a room~  Her show stopper!

She gets the part.

And she flirts . with the camera.

Her Shredded jeans.


Hers are tattered for sure, and sit super low on her hips. The more bleach the better. The bleach changes the denim, softens it,  She likes them soft, because she lives in her jeans. A staple piece in her wardrobe, hers are sexy and tight, and like batting her eyelashes, entice him.  

She wears them shredded. Showing just enough skin, her legs play peek a boo, holding his attention .

~She flirts . with her love.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Her Shredded jeans.


She likes em just like her man~ Shredded. She wears them skinny and tight, and ripped all the way to her ankle. Dark washed denim with stretch is her favorite.

Longing~  she pairs her jeans with layered sweaters made from an old loves stash. She craves the comfort and warmth of his essence and finds it lingering in the fibers of the fabric.

Keeping her secret~ she flirts.