Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The WINNER is .

I have found the winner in my Maty Davis jeans giveaway! After combining all of the entrants from my blog and my facebook page, and choosing one at random I am happy to reveal that my winner has been chosen! The following comment is hers:

Hermelinda Valentine said...

your corset jeans and the ripped jeans are awesome! im in love <3

To everyone who participated . I am flattered by your comments, and am so grateful for each one! Even though, I can only choose one of you for the free pair giveaway, I am happy to give all of you 30% off in my shop at http://www.matydavis.com/ . Please use discount coupon code PAINTEDJEANS at checkout to grab 30% OFF your entire order! 

Thank you again for your participation, and all of the beautiful comments!


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