Thursday, June 9, 2011

Her Fairytale Wedding.

There, at sea shores edge, he gave her his heart . for keeps.

She took his breathe away. He took her hand . in marriage.

The date written in sand . May 27, 2011 .

A true story of Love . begins.

The dress .
She wore The White Bustiere, exposed. From a little Vintage Shop, the lace was exquist. Still, she added pearls, sewn on one at a time, and an antique brooch just at the bust, making it her own.

The perfect snug fit, it held her heart tightly in wait.

The skirt, her own design, was sewn by hand. A gift from her Grandmother, every stitch, making  more permanent her love for her. Layers and layers of toile and crinoline like wishes hanging in the air waiting to be granted, sewn together with thoughts of her own love of 50 years.

A beautiful keepsake.

Like the tryst between the waves and the shore, their love, playful and intense, gives an eagerness to explore .

as one.

Giving best wishes to you both.

Your love inspires.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maye

The kiss.

Dress design by Adele' Maye.
Skirt sewn by Carol Davis.
Photos by Maty Davis
Written by Maty Davis

True Story inspired by Joe and Adele' Maye.


  1. A beautiful couple . A beautiful Love Story. So excited to see what's next. Best wishes.

    With Love,

  2. That is so perfect. I love it!
    The wedding, the dress, the pictures. It's so sweet!