Monday, April 11, 2011

Her Sweetheart jeans .


A hunter, Josie wears her heart, like an arrow, on her jeans. Her vintage jeans. Her treasures are worn and flawed, and tell stories of true love. She shares them secretly, with him. He longs .  

A connoisseur of music, she hunts for treasure that's song is telling of romance past . but not forgotten.

Her favorite jeans are ripped and tattered, and show the remains of sequin and lace just at the hips. She dreams of belly dancing . that's sexy.

Josie challenges me to create new fashion from old. She loves her things vintage, and reminds me .

to keep it's original beauty in tact.

Josie is so much fun to work with. She's gorgeous and playful in her eclectic style. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing photos with us! You rock!

Love . Love . Love the Cheetah print pumps with your Sweetheart jeans!

Smokin Hot .

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